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Will Your Sales Be Down Again This Year?


"Hoping for the best" is not a strategy,

"Waiting it out" is just not possible,

Ignoring new ideas is no longer an option!

It's Time For Some Guerrilla Marketing!



From: David Carleton

San Diego, California

As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, it now takes more than your typical newspaper ad, radio spot and networking meeting to get the sales you used to get.  Why?  Because the dynamics of the market have changed dramatically.  Shouldn't the way you market your business change too?

Unfortunately, you can’t get find and attract that elusive cash paying customer until you learn how to market your business better.  But, if you're using the traditional marketing and lead generation methods out there today, then you're working twice as hard for half the results. 

That’s Why I’m So Excited to Introduce to You ...

A Guerrilla Marketing Workshop Created Exclusively for Small Business Owners

Guerrilla Tactics That They Don’t Teach You Anywhere Else!

This is a video of a live workshop I recently conducted with several small business owners.  This intensive audio/video course will immerse you in must-have sales and marketing techniques that you and your business will need, not just to survive but thrive. You’ll walk away with sustainable competitive advantages regardless of what’s happening in the housing market or the stock market.

I Highly Recommend Your Boot Camp Because You Gave Large Amounts of Information on How to Implement Your Unique Strategies!

I thoroughly enjoyed the well though out and customization of the presentations to your participants.  You thought of my work and my industry helps me link the information to me  and my business.

Jennifer Horton - Lifestyle Enhancement Company


Your Boot Camp Helped Simplify and Systemize My Marketing, While Actually Increasing My Efforts!

I loved all the great ideas and information you had to help build and develop a website - it was detailed and explained well.  I would definitely recommend your boot camp because you teach not only how to do it, but do it right.

Mike Marmion - Prudential CA Realty


Even After 20+ Years of Marketing and Customer Service I Learned Things I Will Use Daily

Your information is so current and up-to-date that I intend to use it in my employee training.

Michelle Gilmore - Store Safe Self Storage



 The Increase Sales ASAP Guerrilla Marketing Workshop is jam-packed with ideas to help you outsmart, out-market, and outperform the competition.  I teach very specific strategies that you can put into place to jump-start your business almost immediately. 


You will also find simple to use strategies that you can start implement right away to enhance all your current marketing efforts.  I don’t just give you the high level of what to do, I go one step further and in most cases tell you exactly how to do it.  What you don’t need is a bunch of theory.  What you do need is effective marketing tools that work.

In simple terms, there are only two ways to bring in more sales.  Find new clients/customers or sell more to your current ones.  I'll show you how to do both. 

No Matter What You Sell, How High The Price or How Bad The Economy is, People Are Still Buying! You Just Need to Make Sure They Buy From You!

It's time to stop blaming the economy and high gas prices and start finding new methods of attracting prospects. Now is NOT the time to give into what I call “the down disease” – (everyone is down in sales so I don’t feel so bad that my sales are down too).

In times like these, your competitors will slow down or even eliminate some or all of their marketing efforts.  This creates an opportunity for you to capture their customers if you already have systems in place to do so.

Your job is to take advantage of this opportunity and find those prospects that ARE ready, willing and able to buy and make sure that they buy from you, not your competition. 

And guess what?  You don't necessarily need more marketing money to increase sales.  Instead, it's your ability to use the marketing money and resources you already have more effectively.

What it really comes down to is having sales generating systems in place that you can use to get a predictable and constant stream of sales regardless of what is going on around the block or around the world.

Great Content, An Idea a Minute!

Very comprehensive. In today's marketplace, these ideas are just what I needed to re-focus and energize my business.

Nancy Canfield - Prudential CA Realty


David Was Able to Effectively and Efficiently Relay Real Word Strategies and Knowledge That I Can Apply Tomorrow!

I would recommend the Boot Camp to anyone who is serious about making lasting impressions on their client base.

Armando Torrescano - Hudson Printing


A Valued Tool in My Business Arsenal

I liked the broad approach used to cover all the topics, yet personalized to include my business. I will begin the referral process you taught immediately.

Fred Yerrick - Top2Bottom Detail


You'll Learn More Than You Ever Thought Possible!

The strategies I teach can help even if you’ve got no marketing plan and no marketing strategies currently in place.  Even if you have no sales or marketing experience, are new to your industry or have no computer or Internet marketing skills. 

When Was The Last Time You Spent Time Working "ON" Your Business Versus "IN" Your Business?

Now's Your Chance...

In This Video-Taped Live Workshop You’ll Discover:

CD #1 - How to Build a Strong Marketing Plan

Did you know that companies that have a written marketing plan outperform their competitors by more than 30%?  Yet 95% of all businesses do not have one.  A written plan forces you to think strategically and out of the box.  What are you good at?  Are you better than your competition and if so how and why? 


How can you exploit those differences to make prospects select your products and services over the competition?  You’ll walk away with your own personalized set of written goals and strategies for the coming year.  This is huge!





Learn How to:

Develop Your Brand Image - What is it now and what do you want it to be - this drives everything else


Strategically target and own niche markets that you may not have known existed before


Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that will give you a distinct advantage over any and all competitors.  Get this one thing right and your business will thrive!


Install and implement effective systems throughout your business to improve efficiency and profitability


SWOT Analysis - We'll discuss and create your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – once you understand this, it will change the way you view everything else in your business.


Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and future profits


Get so close to your customers and prospects that your competition is virtually locked out


The huge advantage of Niche marketing.  I’ll give you a variety of ways to identify and target your own niche.  Get this right and you’ve just eliminated 90% of your competitors

Also Included: A fill-in-the-blanks marketing plan that I walk you through step by step


CD #2 - Education-Based Marketing (E-B-M)

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of prospects in your trading area that have thought about doing business with you at one time or another. The secret is to develop a way to find them and convince them to buy or do business with  In this section, I’m going to show you specific strategies developed by some of the best marketers and copywriters in the business.

 You’ll learn how to increase your qualified leads and advertising ROI regardless of the advertising media you use. 




You'll Learn How To:


The 5 basic principles of an effective education based marketing system


6 essential components required to ensure that your E-B-M program runs properly


Use secret direct mail writing techniques in your ads that can double your response rates


Utilize the art of writing effective headlines to get your prospects to read your all your ads


Track all your promotional efforts so you can put your money where it is most effective


How to use a very simple free report to generate sales.  I’ll give you a ton tactics for getting your special reports opened, read and appreciated


Secrets to creating information that your prospects will gladly give their contact information for


How to get your prospects to “raise their hands” showing you that they are qualified prospects and demonstrate their interest


 CD #3 - Lead Generation and Advertising on Steroids – How to Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Business

No matter how good your customer service is, how low your prices are and how great your products and services are, if you don’t have customers walking through the front door, you’ll soon be out of business. 


Now, more than ever before, companies need to learn how to effectively promote their business.  This section will focus on dozens of low cost “out of the box,” promotional activities that will get you noticed by potential customers and the media and keep a constant influx of traffic flowing to your business. 


All types of advertising will be discussed including - yellow pages, direct mail, newspaper, internet, color versus black and white, big versus small, etc.  You’ll learn how to increase your qualified leads and advertising ROI regardless of the advertising media you use. 


Discover How to:


Generate buzz using viral marketing techniques that cost you almost nothing


Create more effective newspaper ads guaranteed to bring in more qualified leads


Develop irresistible offers that prospects can’t find anywhere else


Increase your response rates to yellow pages ads using simple techniques that cost you less than you’re currently paying


Use 7 emotional appeals that stimulate people to action.  Understand and use these triggers that drive your prospects to make decisions


Apply psychological reasons why people buy to hook your prospects before they ever even contact you



CD #4 - Close Prospects and Keep Customers for Life Using Automated Follow Up Systems

You know what most businesses do after the sale?  NOTHING!  Many companies all but stop their marketing efforts after the customer buys.  Once a prospect becomes a customer, you need to continue to build the relationship.  I

n this section, you’ll learn how you can make your customers happier and your business more money.  Continuing to build your relationships with your customers through unique follow up systems will get you more sales, testimonials and referrals than you can handle.

I’m Going To Show You How To:


Set up a TRULY automated follow-up marketing system for current customers that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


Create a second follow-up marketing system for potential customers that come into your showroom for the first time and don’t buy.


Use a unique auto pilot post card system to significantly grow your business and increase your network of potential referral partners. Discovering and using this system is worth the entire price of the Boot Camp by itself!


Use unique e-mail marketing techniques to make your prospects fall in love with you forever


Utilize the old fashioned newsletter to stay connected to your customers, prospects and vendors


Ask for and get the best testimonials possible


CD #5 - Internet and Website Strategies Designed to Get Your Prospects To Open Their Wallets

Are you spending huge amounts of time and money driving traffic to your website only to see a tiny percentage of visitors turn into clients or customers?   How would you like your prospects to purchase your products or services on their first visit to your store or office?  It’s possible with a dynamic “pre-selling” website.  In this section you’ll discover the critical elements that will make your website pre-sell like crazy.

I’ll Teach You How To:


Use the biggest search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to build your local business


Send a ton of pre-qualified prospects to your website without spending a dime on advertising


Build traffic and get your customers to return to your site over and over


Use secret internet marketing techniques to automate and build your business


How to add audio and video to your web site for less than the price of tank of gas


Avoid the top 10 mistakes that businesses make with their websites


Get quality content for your web site without writing a word of it yourself


Increase traffic to your website for little or no cost


CD #6 - Referral Marketing – “How to Make It Rain Referrals In Your Business”

SYSTEMIZE!  That’s the key to getting a constant stream of never-ending referrals.  Unfortunately, very few businesses do it.  In this section you’ll learn how to implement multiple “stealth” referral systems that will produce predictable, consistent, and duplicable results time and time again. 

You’ll walk away with specific strategies and systems, checklists and forms that you can immediately put to use in your own business to start a river of new customers.  You’re gonna kick yourself for not using these easy strategies before.

In This Section, I’m Going To Reveal:


The two most important referral programs that every business should be using, and it’s not word of mouth


How to identify referral partners. Identifying and getting them to sign on will bring you more qualified, ready to buy customers than any advertising program you could ever run


Successful referral tactics from other industries.  I’ll show you letters, scripts, examples that you can “steal” and use immediately


Get your referral partners to think of your business first when they are asked for a recommendation


How to get the media/press to send you tons of free referrals


How to help the right people give you more referrals.  I‘ll give you 7 effective ways – it’s easier than you think


Got COI?  You sure do, but may not even know it.  Tapping into your COI can flood your business with more referrals that you can handle


The 4 keys to effective referral marketing systems


Implement a system of getting testimonials that will provide your business with one of the most important and effective closing tools you could ever want

Also Included: Examples of letters, postcards, phone scripts that you can copy and implement IMMEDIATELY


CD #7 - How to "WOW" Your Clients, Prospects and Customers

Let's face it, customer service out there stinks - you've experienced it yourself.  Whether its buying shoes, a car or getting work done around your house.  That creates a huge opportunity for those companies that want to stand out from the crowd and grow their business at the same time. 

Customers want to be treated like someone special - and they should - they pay the bills!  In this video, I’m going to show you how to turn ordinary customers into evangelists for your business by using simple customer service ideas that you can start using tomorrow.

You’ll Discover:


The 12 point customer complaint checklist – review this list with your employees regularly and watch your customer service improve DRAMATICALLY


12 EASY customer service ideas that are guaranteed to make your customers “sing your praises”.  They are so basic that any business can do it...but hardly any do.


The 2 biggest mistakes 95% of all businesses make after the sale is made – change these 2 things and your sales will increase dramatically


Your ETDBW score?  Knowing your score can make the difference     between good and outstanding customer service.  Take the test and find out


16 goodwill freebies that make a big impression on your customers – They’re easy fun and cost you almost nothing


How to make a good first impression.  I'll show you 11 ways to make a good impression on every potential customer that calls or comes into your store or office


"Here's Everything You're Going to Receive When You Order This Incredible Video Workshop

Video CDs - Over 7 hours of sales building strategies.  I show you step by step all the "how to's" of building the company you set out to when you first got into the business.  These are all practical and very doable strategies that you can put into place immediately.

Using these videos to train your office staff, managers, department heads or other employees can be a powerful way to getting everyone up to speed on all the latest marketing techniques. - $500 Value



Comprehensive Action Plan Workbook - Over 200 pages of all the detailed slides that appear in the videos and a special section next to each slide for you to take notes.  Stop the videos at any time, rewind and take notes at your own pace.  Use the notes you've take to create ads, implement strategies or give direction to your employees or ad agency. -

Also includes a specially created "fill-in-the-blanks marketing plan template to get you up and running as soon as possible. - $200 Value




Bonus CD - I've gone to my personal library and given you a ton of resources that you can use to build your business.  FREE software, examples, templates, e-books, MP3s, scripts, checklists, special reports - all designed to help you jumpstart your sales as quickly as possible.  - An Incredible Resource - $500 Value





Audio CD for Learning On The Go - Have a long commute? Spend a lot of time in your car or truck?  Why not use the time to educate yourself.  I've recorded all the presentations in MP3 audio format so you take advantage of your drive time to help your business when a computer or video is not available Over 7 hours of audios included - $150 Value




FREE Consultation - I want to ensure that you have a plan to succeed.  So go through the program, watch the videos, take notes and fill in your workbook.  When you're done, let's talk.  We'll go through the plan you've created and make sure you haven't left anything out and that it's the best it can possibly be.  $150 Value





Still Not Convinced?  Let Me Make This Even Easier For You...


How About a 12-Month Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

This program comes with a no-questions, 12-month money back guarantee.  Go ahead, take your time, take it for a 12-month test-drive.  You must make at least $5,000 from this system in 12 months or I want you send it back.   No fine explanations, fine print or explanations needed. 

I'm serious, if for any reason you decide that this program is not for you, just e-mail me any time within 12 months and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

The risk is completely mine!



 So Let's Add It All Up...


Description Purchased Separately Entire

1. 7 Video CDs with Over 7 hours of strategies, tactics and instruction



2. Comprehensive Action Plan Workbook - includes 200+ pages of detailed slides and a fill-in-the-blanks marketing plan template



3. An audio CD for learning on the Go - 7 + hours of audio to listen to in your car or truck



4. Bonus CD - Free software, special reports, templates, e-books, scripts, MP3s, checklists



5FREE 30-Minute Marketing Plan Assessment



6.  One Year Money-Back Guarantee



Total Value



The total value of this powerful system is $1500.  But your tax-deductible investment is only $597

 including ground shipping and handling in the USA only.


Please provide UPS, FEDEX or DHL account number for all orders outside the USA.

Order Now!

If your program is worth so much, why is your price so low? Fair question!

This is the same 2-day course that I was teaching at live workshops for the last year.  I was charging $1500 per person.  But I have found that the economy has taken it's toll on many small business owners who have had to make tough choices recently between cutting expenses and cutting jobs.  I know this program can make a difference if you apply the strategies you learn.

I have lowered my price to where companies serious about trying to increase their sales can afford this program and where I can still I can still make some too.  There's the no BS explanation.


Dave's Guerrilla Marketing Boot Camp Forces You to Think Outside the Box!

I have immediately implemented several of the techniques learned including creating a referral network and redefining our unique selling proposition.  The boot camp forces you to think outside the box and create more effective ways to reach your marketplace aside from stale, traditional methods.

Tom Yahner - United States Karate Academy



I urge you to invest in yourself, your family and your business today.  I promise you'll be glad you did.


P.S. Many business owners complain, but few ever act.  I hope you’ll act on this opportunity!

Order Now!

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